GameGaurd wont connect or update

So i have been fighting with PSO2 NGS all day trying to even log in after hiting play, Nprotect GameGuard launches, fails to connect and does not update, I have dopne everything from disabling firewalls, to fresh installs and compatibility mode to get this piece of shit to work... anyone know how to fix this?

Hope you figured out your problem. If not, you may want to try disabling IPv6 in your Settings.

Windows Key --> "Settings" --> "Network and Internet" --> Under Advance network settings, click "Change adapter options: --> Right-click your connected network and press "Properties" --> Uncheck "Internet Protocol Version 6" --> Press "OK"

Now relaunch your game and press Start Game. Hopefully you'll see that GameGuard authenticates and you'll get into the game no problem! This is what, at least, worked for me after trying every other solution out there. I read that since the base game of PSO2 is older, it doesn't fully support IPv6. Who knows if this is actually correct or not.

Let me know if it worked for you! Good luck!

P.S. You can turn it on after you get into the game if you're worried about forgetting to turn it on later.

@Slander This worked for me when I was having this issue, thank you!

@Slander You, sir or madam, are now my lord and savior.