Game is buggy and stutters endlessly. I cant even load into the game anymore

Main menu works fine, creating my character worked fine but as soon as I hopped into the game endless stuttering cant move and game freezes every 5 seconds. Am I the only one with this Issue? Ive already checked my settings and my specs are higher than recommended. Playing on Steam

I have the exact same problem, even though I was able to run the game perfectly fine in the beta and my specs say it should be fine.

It's nearly unplayable with how much stuttering there is.

Same, performance is beyond trash. it improved a little bit last night, but this should not be happening given the benchmark said the game would run wonderfully on much higher settings... how is it that something so resembling client or hardware problems is caused by server stress?

Getting stutter issues too, just like the lobby when global PSO2 launched. From the looks of it, the stutter happens when it renders new objects or players/enemies.

Also on Steam. If I can login to the city then leaving or entering the salon will definitely give me the PSO2.exe has stopped working message.

Not sure how I made it through the prologue but I'm stuck right now.

A friend of mine is stuck in the tutorial because the game stutters and completely freezes. He cannot get anywhere. Be awesome if someone found a solution. (Steam user)

I think the solution is wait a few weeks for sega to wake up and fix it.