It seems you cannot equip multiple weapons with the same Camo

Despite the Camo supporting many weapons, I cannot put it on multiple weapons I want, is this some new rule that SEGA made?

I'd imagine it's an unfortunate side effect of the change to how weapon camos work for ngs. Wether or not Sega will address this in the future is anyone's guess

How to unequip weapon camo?

Yea i went back to pso2 and got a couple duplicates and was able to use same camo on both. Looks like NGS recognizes each camo as its own piece at the moment sadly

I was hoping it's just an oversight by the dev team that they'll fix in the future. Whelp, back to the Photon Booster shop I go.


They really should fix this or the one-off untradeable multi camos won't be fully usable.

This should be a fixable bug with multi-weapon camos, that way we don't clutter our inventories with extras or have to try and hunt down duplicates.