NGS Class Change Requirements?

I tried the search and didn't see anything so I'll ask in my own post. I just tried NGS today. It's different but I chose force and decided I didn't much like it at all. I paitently waited to get to central city to get access to the NPC but the class change NPC keeps telling me I need to come back when I get more experience. Anyone know what that magic unlock requirement is, or what level I need to be before I can change my class?

@Vexation It's nice to see a familiar face back on the forum 🙂

And I'm sorry I don't know the specifics, but if you just keep progressing the main missions it'll unlock for you pretty soon. I can't remember if it was after the first cocoon or if I had to wait until after Mt Magnus which did have a power level gate (though it wasn't an issue using base PSO2 gear).

Just so you know, unlocking sub-classes also requires doing the main story, just like changing classes.