Missing equipped weapon camo in NGS?

I'm missing my Arcus Diabolus Bolverk weapon camo in NGS. I have pretty much everything else cosmetic, sides the one I had equipped when it updated to NGS. Which is pretty upsetting not only cause it was super expensive, but i'm also a huge Blazblue fan. I figured it would just be in storage, but no such luck. Even if I couldn't use it in NGS for some stupid reason it should still be in my inventory or storage X'd out. I'd submit a support ticket but that seems to be down atm.

You don't have it equipped in PSO2, right? If you do, you have to unequip it and then it should also be available in NGS (might need to put it into storage too).

Store all your pso2 stuff in storage in pso2, then switch back to NGS

Worked for me