What are ways to increase BattlePower to 1100? Need it for main quest

have a weapon at +30 with 2 potentials and an augment so far (that nearly took all the $ i've gaiend so far >_<)

Is it just lvling up? (im 11 atm)

Weapons, Armor, skills, levels all have an effect of increasing Battle Power. Multiweapon also helps

yeah. Get all your weps to 3* or more rarity with augments and potentials, as well as armors. Skills, level all contribute as well.

Equip the highest level weapon you can, grind it up, equip the highest level armor you can, grind them up, level up, locate the Towers and cocoons to obtain skill points and invest them in your skill tree. (I have collected a total of 19 skill points so far), Raise your subclass level and invest skill points into it. At the moment I'm only aware of the weapon you are holding going into your battle score. At 13/10, 3 star wep +30, 2 star units +10, and 19 skill points. I am battle level 1146.

I'm still somewhat unsure about the skill points admittedly, but I know I was teetering at like 1050 battle power at level 11, once I completed the two level 15 towers and the level 15 cocoon and invested the resulting skill points into my skill trees. (9 skill points) I jumped above 1100 and was able to continue the quest. There might have been another factor that affected it and it is coincidence, I would love if someone could confirm this.

Edit: I also have a level 5 wep equipped on my palette. Not grinded. I don't know if it is affecting anything but if I can get back into ship 2 tonight and play with it, i'll update if I see anything else.