Can not find beta on Xbox one store

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong or is it not available to download until it’s release time

Try going thru the xbox insider hub app ? You may even be able to set it to download to your xbox thru the PC version of the Insider app

Go get the Xbox Insider app and register. When you do that use the link it has and it will take you to the game. Remember that it's only for Xbox one right now.

Thanks that worked perfectly!

@Potshots247 Enjoy the beta πŸ™‚

ive linked the accounts still not there?

You need to find the game via the Xbox Insider app.

huh never heard of that

@xHD-AJx said in game not in xbox live store?:

huh never heard of that

This video should help you out. Easier than explaining it in writing.

got it thanks

I am unable to find PSO2 in my Xbox market place or the insiders hub

*Users will not be able to download the client after 11:00 PM (PST) on Sunday, February 9th. source:

The closed beta has concluded. To download the client again we have to wait for the open beta sometime in the next month or 2(or more if things go horrible wrong).

But it's stupid if there is a page here, play it now and also explain that you can already download it from the store NOW!

@Master-DK-X You make a good point. But do take into account that they are also testing and gathering feedback on the website too. When the game releases or the next beta comes around the whole website could be completely redone if they want.

Still, SEGA shouldn't write that you can play it if you can't Hope that the Opene BETA starts quickly, then the problem is solved πŸ˜‰