I'm posting for a friend who cant get past age gate when she's over 18. so I'm posting for her. Seriously, though, what is up with the web site's "agegate" not letting my friend in? She was born in 1980, which I suspect is old enough. Even the web site is buggy! Can we fix this? She's talking about not bothering trying this game now because of all the issues and I was so excited to play with her.

Quote from her : "Okay WTF is wrong with Sega the icons don't work the game hangs on everything even with a super computer and now I can't get on the web site due to an AGE GATE I'M F'ING 40 AND PUT IN MY AGE AS BEING BORN IN 1980 SEGA GET UR CRAP TOGETHER PLEASE!\What ever happened to making sure a game worked before rleeasing it?"