Crippling Lag, Incomplete Update, and No Game Icon

Okay, I'm having big problems with NGS. First off, the icon is borked, Sega failed to update the game icon so now it appears as a little globe (as per a generic URL icon). Second, I have a very high end computer (which could play games three times this demanding easily) as well as 100/10 internet, and this game hangs CONSTANTLY. Scene transitions take literally a minute or two, and I don't even see the damage given or received because it lags (almost died in the tutorial because damage done to me was taking 10-20 seconds to register. The game is virtually unplayable, and this launch seems to have been completely botched. Is there any trick or something that can be done to fix this? Some setting that NGS requires to work right? And how do I fix the icon Sega messed up? Does NGS even have an icon or were they too lazy to make one? I'm EXTREMELY frustrated right now and on the verge of just walking away from PSO2 because of this garbage.

Furthermore, I'm almost getting killed because of the stupid tutorial boxes that hang on the screen IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTS. This game really isn't ready to play! I can't take much more of this frustration. I can't even get TO the main game because the tutorial has so many game breaking problems! What does Sega expect from us? Why do corporations not finish games before releasing them anymore?

AND the map is garbage too, almost useless.


Yup I am having the exact same issues. I am on a series X, it is not fps issues you can tell its packet loss