questions about new genesis and pso2

So, I honestly did not pay as much attention to new genesis as I should have, as I did not expect it to be just added into the game. My first question is, are they going to stop adding content in the original pso2? I think there's a lot of items that I remember seeing that don't seem to be added into NA, but I could be wrong? I used to love the dragner coat costume, but to my knowledge it hasn't been added, unless I somehow missed it. I'm also not really sure why the fresh finds shop is gone, along with mission pass? And also the player shop passes in the fun scratch tickets? I don't know why all those are gone, and I'm kinda worried I'm just gonna get bored of the original game entirely. I wouldn't mind playing New Genesis alongside pso2, but pso2 is the game I really love, so I really want to know what will be happening. If anybody has any answers to whether the items are being added or not and knows about the future of the game or where i could find out, thank you!!

PSO2 base won't be updated anymore so the game will run there in auto mode, Sega is focused in NGS now that's why the fresh finds and mission pass ended in PSO2 and there's won't be anymore for the base game.

@Rad_Rat AFAIK, you are correct in all of your questions.

  • There is no planned new content for base PSO2 at this time
  • Here's an announcement covering some of the changes you noticed
  • Global is still missing a number of cosmetics and other features available on JP and there's been no word on if/when they'll be introduced
  • I believe the roadmap did specify that the mission pass will be coming back to NGS in a few months
  • Many in the community hope that NGS will introduce a method for acquiring 3-day shop passes, but I haven't seen an official announcement on that

As for why they're treating base PSO2 the way they are, I don't think an official justification has been given. As a result, many people assume they're simply trying to incentivize folks to migrate to NGS/don't want new players to feel like they have to play the old game to keep up with SG, shop passes, etc.

what will happen if a pso2 player who created a summoner tries to transfer him/her to ngs since summoner is not yet available there

@TURION-MOONSTAR nothing will happen, the stuff of PSO2 stays in PSO2 and the stuff of NGS stays in NGS just because you can't use summoner in NGS doesn't mean that you will lose your stuff.

that's not what I mean, I want to know if the transfer will fail because the character is a class that currently does not exist in the ngs universe

@TURION-MOONSTAR When you log in with one of your characters in NGS, you get to pick a new class. There is no "transfer" since all characters are just shared between PSO2classic and NGS, but since they have different class systems the class you are in one has no effect on the other.

@AndrlCh one of my pso2 characters is a summoner but there are currently no summoners in ngs

@TURION-MOONSTAR I'll try to break it down even more simply.

  • Character A is a Summoner in PSO2classic.
  • When Character A logs in to NGS, they must pick from one of the available classes, let's say Force.
  • When Character A logs back into PSO2classic they will still be a Summoner, and when they log in to NGS they will still be a Force.
  • When Summoner is released in NGS, Character A can then change their class to Summoner when in NGS.

@Rang-Dipkin thank you, this answer helps me understand a lot!