Anyone experienced delay/lag(latency) at ship 1? damage shows up 2 second after hit an enemy, im playing from SEA region.

It is just how crowded the servers are right now. When the hype dies down and the servers start getting relief, you shouldn't have these kinds of issues anymore.

I'm also noticing a lot of stutter, not unlike fps drops, but it makes no sense that it be due to my hardware since the benchmark gave me a big rainbow flashing thumbs up on much higher settings.

Yeah, you can have some really solid internet speed and still be experiencing lag cause of the servers, it's kinda insane. Hard to get the time trial requirements when everything dies 2 minutes later after you kill it lol

Ship 2 has massive laggs that can last up to 1-2 minutes. In addition, ship 2 would need a capacity increase for the increase in the number of new players. Doesn’t even want to know how busy it must be in Japan, it’s probably extreme.

Ship 4 is getting massive lag spikes and its got the lowest population, multiple NGS blocks are full (Not so much on the PSO2 blocks though).

Ship 3 also has worse server lag than yesterday.

Due to the honeymoon period of a new game launch.

Many ppl will quit soon enough and hopefulyl gets better then.

thankfully they are already aware and working on it, cause it's unplayable right now 😞

all server shows green status, yet it still lags like no tomorrow

Time to log off for a few months cuz its not getting any better til then.

After EMT the first 30mins was a dream to play but MT for what?

Even after emergency maintenance, the game is still unplayable on Ship 2. I use overload skill on fighter and suddenly my HP drop to 0 because the enemy suddenly teleports and unleashes all of its attacks in one go with no time to parry or dodge.