All outfits/outerwear missing

All of my outfits and outerwear are missing, have checked:

-inventory -storage -salon

Had quite a few in my inventory in base PSO2 but cannot find any of them in NGS.

Not sure if this may have caused a bug, but at the time of NGS release I was not wearing any outerwear/outfits (base and innerwear only).

Hope someone can help, thanks.

Update: someone in-game told me that I need to move my outfits from base pso2 inventory to my storage. Tried that and it worked!

Hope this can help anyone else out of the loop like me lol.

same prob. 9 out from over 150 outer/outfits are there rest is missing despoit from inentory to storage didnt help. if i recall right, shouldn't all outfits / outerwear turn into useable tickets to save up storage?

Ok... now they are there... wtf.