Join Shake N Bake on Team 2

Shake and Bake is an Alliance on Ship 2 made up of a handful of JP vets and Xbox newbies. This is a great game for solo players but why do that when you can have access to a group that is more than willing to help make the grind less of a chore? My GT is Allwayz SinCere and I've played the PSO/U series since the Gamecube days. I LOVE this game, im on daily and almost always available to help. Join us, get some free perks and meet some new ppl who are passionate about playing AND helping others. Msg me on Live and we'll get you set up.

While I don't own Xbox One and have to wait on PC release, I just have to ask, is the alliance name a reference to the now famous white phosphorus use in Fallujah? Big fan of Spec Ops: The Line game too.