I don't quit understand how this log in achievement works

New, first-time Platform Log-in Bonuses will be available as follows: Xbox One

  • Flowen’s Sword | Sword Weapon Camo (x1)
  • F Shooter / Licht | Assault Rifle Weapon Camo (x1)
  • Squeaky Hammer / Nacht | Rod Weapon Camo (x1) N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5) Win 10 MS Store
  • Nei Claw / Nacht | Wired Lance Weapon Camo (x1)
  • L&K Combat / Licht | Twin Machine Guns Weapon Camo (x1)
  • Windmill / Nacht | Wand Weapon Camo (x1) N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5) Steam 720: Headcrab | Emote (x1) N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5) Epic Games Store
  • Skullstrum | Weapon Camo (Sword, Twin Daggers, Wand, Katana, Soaring Blades) (x1)
  • Cazarodoh | Weapon Camo (Partisan, Rod, Wand) (x1)
  • Black Bulls | Assault Rifle Weapon Camo (x1) N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5)

SOOOOO... basicall first time on NGS on first time at all on pso2 universe?

  • Those who have already received the first time log in incentive from Xbox One, Windows10, Steam, or Epic Games, are not eligible.


It's at the very bottom of the page. Basically, if you already received those log in bonuses between the start of PSO2 last year and before the release of NGS, you won't be able to get them a second time.