[Ship 1] Society recruiting new and veteran players

Heyo everyone,

We're a long time Phantasy Star group looking for more members. We're accepting new and old players to the franchise. Ideally we would like to find other players that are passionate about MMORPGs such as we are. It's our primary genre and we are always running after the newest releases.

You can find us on Ship 1 as the title depicts we are casual/hardcore players. We do light metagaming however we don't need a rag to wipe our sweat after a 24 hour play session. The primary age group we are targeting is 21 and over.

PSO2: NGS isn't the only MMORPG we're targeting and will be playing, so please feel free to join us for the long run or NGS.

We do things a little differently than the rest of the groups, we actually dropped Discord and use Guilded. Don't know what that is? That's okay. Take the principals from Discord and apply it to a more layered client with a ton more tools to use at our disposal. It's a WIP right now, so don't be too surprised that we have so little, our Discord server still has 200 members we're slowly bringing over.

Anyway, that's all! Message me in game or apply on our Guilded server.

In-game character name: Travis

In-game player ID: Bashea

Most of our members have reached Lv.15+ with 1200 BP. We're happy to assist in the process of leveling for new players.

R u still recruiting