Endless Loading Screen

hello i just downloaded pso2 ng and i opened it up and i was stuck in the loading screen after i created my character i tried in lower graphics but nothing i dont know what else to do plz help

same problem tried everything

is it stuttering for you as well?

Same here, stuck on endless washing machine simulator. Tried both Steam and MS Store versions.

maybe a developer here want to help?

Guess we wait for the new patch

its like 16 hours and not even a technical support stuff said "hey we will contact as soon as posible" and we just waiting for what , a miracle happens? i didnt said that i want to solve my problem right now but at least to be seen or somethink

I've heard that this is possibly caused by simply a high volume of people trying to get in at the same time.

If this is true it appears the issue is that SEGA HEAVILY underestimated just how many people would want to try and play NG.

Lacking confidence in your own game is not a good look, SEGA...

although no need to answer anymore, just uninstalled it

@XTrollBroX hey. Do you still have the problem? because I am also having the same problem right now

Old topic is old but I'd recommend people to use "Contact Us" under Support on the site's top menu. Fill out all the relevant information and it will be forwarded to the appropriate party. My personal experience was a 2 day wait period for a response but it's better than silence. 😆