NGS not using correct character model for base PSO2 characters when viewed by another person

@Rei-Murasame It might be most likely outerwear causing this issue. We tried the same tests while not wearing outerwear and our models look normal for a change.

Will update if something changes on that but so far it might be isolated to outerwears / outfits.

@Rei-Murasame Further testing shows these results:


  • OW = Outerwear

  • Hulk = Disformed body

Scenario 1:

  • Staring without OW = no hulk

  • Changing looks to something with OW = change to hulk

  • Changing looks back to something without OW = still hulk

Scenario 2:

  • Starting with OW= hulk

  • Changing to anything = hulk

Scenario 3:

  • Starting without OW = no hulk

  • Changing looks to another without OW = still no hulk

  • Another test to another without OW = still no hulk

  • Changing to one with OW = HULK

So it seems OW / outfits is the bug.

@Zyky I was also exploring this theory with some others at the same time as you, but I think that the 'outerwear causes the glitch' theory might not be correct, since I was able to observe someone jumping between different blocks while they were wearing the PSO2 Megumin Replica Outfit, which is not even layered wear at all, and they would randomly either load for others as cute and short as they had been designed, or sometimes completely enormous and distorted, almost at random.

We then took the experiment even further by dragging other people into the screenshot experiment who all took screenshots of each other and discovered that it's potentially happening at random to everyone, everywhere, but not always at the same time. It can even happen at random when a character is unloaded and reloaded for any reason, such as moving outside of someone's draw distance for a long time and then coming back, and even just from changing an accessory or outfit.

Aside from this glitch being extremely destructive to immersion, it also means that livestreamers on YouTube and Twitch may end up severely embarrassing SEGA when they inevitably discover live on camera that this glitch is happening everywhere in the game at random, all day, right now.

A particularly wild aspect of this glitch is also that when a character loads in and appears glitched to others, the distortion displays to them the character set to the palest possible skin tone that the game has, in addition to adding >10cm of height and making the character overall bigger. I probably don't need to explain the number of ways in which that is a public relations catastrophe waiting to happen.

It's definitely happening and it is everywhere, and it appears to be almost-random. SEGA needs to fix it now. Preferably it needs to be fixed yesterday. There needs to be another emergency maintenance.

EDIT: Additionally, the same randomness above is happening to weapon camos, which sometimes do not load for others. When a character is glitched as described above, there is a high probability that their weapon camo also will not load, thus leaving them holding the image of what the original weapon looked like.

@Rei-Murasame Yeah this should have been caught before launch to be honest. This was pointed out as a problem with the JP release of new models however they fixed it before NGS launch. Not sure why global is behind if thats the case.

We have continued testing models without outerwears today as well and still can't replicate the bug. It may not be that outerwear is the sole cause however, we have decided to play without it for now which severely hinders our outfit choices.

Note: we have not played without outfits so outfits may as well be just as bugged as outerwear.

@Zyky I have some of the PSO2 event items that were created as just basewear and matching accessories with no outerwear, so I'll actually go and try this out now under various conditions and see if it stays solid. If your theory is correct then it would mean we've actually isolated the problem to a specific component, which will probably help SEGA to find the fix faster.

Although, as you've said, they should already know exactly what is wrong, as you've said that they already fixed it in the JP version more than a month ago when they first got the new graphics engine.

After some extensive testing myself, I was able to get the same result as you, @Zyky. When I wear fashion that consists only of basewear and accessories, the glitch does not manifest.

Equipping outerwear at all will make the entire session unstable. The instability only stops if I take off the outerwear in the Salon, save and leave the Salon, and then log out and log back in. It could probably now be said that we've isolated the problem!

EDIT: Since the glitch lasts for the rest of the session until you log out, whenever it is induced, my guess is that some programmer accidentally has written something where the act of applying outerwear causes a buffer overflow to happen, where it makes nonsensical out of bounds writes into the memory addresses that describe how to draw body dimensions and skin tone and then integer wraparound happens, which would explain why when the glitch happens, it looks like various dials have been instantly dragged to their furthest extremes. Eg, ultra-pale skin tone would be 255 (max) on all sliders, maximum muscles would be from dragging sliders to max, same with max height.

It may also be be making out of bounds writes in other ways, which we are not aware of, but those ones we notice because they produce visually unpleasant results.

Perhaps the randomness of it that we all observed, is because different players' clients are caching this bad information for different durations of time once they come within visual range of affected people.

@Rei-Murasame Should we be posting this in the tech support section? I hope SEGA reads these forums since they moderate them but no idea.

@Zyky Later on today in about 6 hours, assuming that we don't discover anything new between now and then, I'll create a thread in Bug Reports and link back to this thread in it, and if they don't react to that then I'll reach out to them directly via their contact form, etc.

To some extent we've done half their work for them, so I'm hoping this will be a quick fix.

UPDATE: It seems as though the staff have now noticed the problem:

That doesn't quite sound like this issue, moreso makes me think of the texture reset one, but then again that one iirc has nothing to do with layerwear.

Good that I found this thread. Greetings, is my first post here in the forums but I wanted to also give some insight to this bug based on my findings and testing with friends.

  • the bug can't be replicated 100%. When I tried to test this, some ppl didn't saw anything wrong.

  • changing hairstyles can sometimes fix it. Have not tested this too much as I only saw it happen once.

  • this bug happens everytime you enter a new area, so in order for the others to see you normal, you would need to remove and equip again your outer/outfit (yes it happens with outfits too) eveeytime you zone in.

  • it is advised to use the look menu instead of the /mf command. Using the chat command can have unexpected results, like your modified accessories (changed color and anchor point) not showing correctly.

  • CASTS have another whole set of problems, like female cast parts from pso2 not having skin bits anymore, instead, using whatever color you put in the sub2 as skin color. This may need more test tho, as I have seen it only on few ppl myself included.

  • using the /mf command to change to a cast ensemble does not save it correctly, showing parts you did not chose to use.

So far this is all I found. Hope it helps.

Long time PSO2 friend and I met up for the first time in NGS and immediately I asked what he had done to his Character. turns out we both saw something completely different.

Here's what it looked like on both our screens, mine below his below:


Everyone should just send support a ticket:

This is a really bad 'bug', if it's even a bug, it completely ruins screenshot opportunities for Alliances and with so few face variants available there's not much incentive to swap to a new face variant which doesn't look as good as an old one.