Why are some camos and cosmetic accessories randomly at significantly lower resolutions???

Before anyone asks, I have my graphics on the highest possible setting of 6. There is plenty of old PSO2 stuff that looks great on NGS (CAST configuration, for example). Some stuff, like the Star Dust accessory that displays a long line for no reason, just looks atrocious.

Old PSO2 vs NGS Nimbus Wings


Heavily Pixelated Trailblazer Camo where Photon Color no longer matches its original pre-update PSO2 shade even remotely. Also, where did the glowing effect go???


NGS Invade Camo vs Pre-update PSO2 Invade Camo


Klauz Camo in NGS. I genuinely have no words. This is just awful.


I am certain that if I went around sampling all my accessories and camos in my collection from my time on PSO2, I'd find countless other examples. There's no possible reason why something in the 8+ year old PSO2 with no graphical update (which looks worse than OG, IMO) ends up looking better than it does in NGS. How do the textures downgrade, when the opposite should be true?

is simply because the quantity of pixels in the old engine is much lower so when is thrown into the new engine that has a much higher pixel count the low quantity is noticed obviously that doesn't affect too much items that have less details and don't expect that Sega will fix that because is literally raise the textures of all old cosmetics to fix it.

Some of the new accessories are low resolution too. Upping my graphics settings seems to have no effect on them.

So I found out that changing the simple graphics settings temporarily fixes the ugly textures for me. Unfortunately, it goes right back to being ugly if I exit the game and then come back, so I need to readjust my settings every time I start the game. It's pretty annoying, so I hope whatever is causing this gets fixed soon.

Huge Cutter camo also just looks plain ugly now. The photon blade is all faded and transparent instead of being the solid bright green it should. It's literally just a giant slab of color so there shouldn't be any reason for this. I'm hoping there's something I can do with color changing it that will carry over and fix it. Though if it ends up being some special effect for weapons from previous games, that would actually be kinda nice.

I was trying to customize my character in game, and both NGS and Base PSO2 innerwears have undergone the same low-res metamorphosis. It appears that all the inner-wears I try are all pixelated, as if they were made in MS paint.

If you're playing on PC this might be in your interest to check out, don't forget if you toy with this to make a backup copy first just in case: https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2NGS/comments/nwjpa0/if_your_game_look_incredibly_lowres_and_nothing/