Main Quest: Advice from Liu Lin II, Can not Progress

So i got to this point on my second character just mucking around really, but was unable to complete this mission. Normally you do the mission to fight the Enhanced Enemy in the Cacoon facility which it tells you to explore. Going there and beating the Enhanced enemy doesn't update the quest, and leaves you stuck at this point in the game.

Since its a main mission, i can't drop it or anything and not sure what to do at this point, as i really wanted to play my CAST some more but seems like its just busted.

Edit: after alot of testing and fiddling i'm of the mind that this character is just bugged beyond repair, the quest will not complete no matter how many times i do the mission, i tried going back and doing the previous cacoon, talking to the girl,logging out and in, logging on my other character, and everything else i can think of, and it just will not progress. Guess i have to shelve my CAST till something gets fixed--- but its very odd my Newman was able to do this quest without issue...

I'm having the same exact issue. My other characters all work properly except the one I am using now. I literally can't move on with story mode due to this.

Same problem here. I've even exited the game and done the Cocoon again, but no progression. One character has done it successfully. I'm trying a different one soon.

I made a 3rd character without issue and i dont even think you have to do the cocoon itself, you just have to walk up to it. So there is something defiantly going on here.

Since I couldn't progress the story, I wanted to delete the character. I can't. So, even that is bugged for this character. At least I was able to send in a support ticket.

Same her, one of my chars can't progress the story

Hi all,

This should have been fixed with the scheduled maintenance:

"Addressed a bug that prevents main task “Advice from Liu Lin II” from being completed."


No use for the Players who stuck in the middle of the story

I tryed every day, but today its working 😄