Stuck in the loading screen forever

Hi, i am playing on steam. however, after the character creation, i am stuck in the loading screen(tunnel thing) forever. is there any way to solve it?

Windows key and R. Then type:


When in that folder, delete the file called item_name_cache_na.dat. Then, re-launch the game

@XTrollBroX said in Stuck in the loading screen forever:

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That is only for the Steam version. If you don't use the Steam version, you won't have that folder. As for it not working, your update may have been corrupt or incomplete. This mostly happens for those that use PSO2 Tweaker to update the game.

@Ragnawind I am a steam player... Screenshot (5).png

@XTrollBroX I have the same issue. I think the root problem for us is that we're supposed to have a Sega folder in our Documents folder but I assume you also don't have one. So it means the game somehow didn't create these things on our PCs/doesn't have access to do so. Somewhere in there lies the solution I think, but unsure of how to proceed.

Yea I'm contacting sega directly to solve this crap. If they can fix it for me, ill bring the solution up here.

i solved for my case. basically onedrive override the access to your own document folder but to onedrive document which they dont allow pso2 to create the SEGA folder itself so the loading screen laod forever. basically just unsync onedrive so pso2 can create folder in your own document folder and you are able to enter the game 🙂

I got the same problem since yesterday and I just fix mine just before maintenance, not sure if it will work for you guys. Go to Firewall and Network protection and click on allow an app through firewall -> change settings -> allows another apps -> browse path -> locate your pso2.exe it suppose to be in steamapps\common\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA_STEAM\pso2_bin and add that pso2.exe into allow that to communicate through firewall. That's it.

@rebecca151242 Tried, unfortunately no avail. I also sent a ticket in on launch night and still no response.

I FIXED IT! I'm sorry if there's a rule for double-posting but I may have the solution for many of us that did not have a SEGA folder built since support still hasn't gotten back to me.

Right-click your Documents folder and go to properties. In the tab Location click Move and pick a different directory. For me, I created a new Documents folder directly on my D:\ and select that location. Say yes to move all of your files there then try and boot up.

A big signal that this ended up working for me was in character creation I could now save my create data and in the loading screen there should be some advertisement banners showing up in the bottom left.

Hopefully this helps someone. Good luck.

EDIT: You can also check by attempting to install the PSO2NGS benchmark tool. You can confirm the issue as it will give you an error saying it can't install to a specific location. After you've done the change this install should run just fine.

Sorry Adachi, can you explain further how you resolved it?

I think we had the same issue.

I just DL'd the benchmark and it is showing errors as well.

I'm using steam BTW.

@AdachiGacha-0 aint working for me

Worked for me, @AdachiGacha-0 deserves a medal!

Here's what I did. Open My Libraries, you will see quick access on the left side, OneDrive folder should be listed alone. Right click it and go to settings.

Once you're in, go to back up tab, and click on manage backup, there you choose not to sync my document, and you're good to go!