Item Pixelization

I launched NGS on my laptop and imported my character and shocked when the Rappy cape was incredibly pixilated. I know that cosmetics from PSO2 was not gonna look as good as the native NGS stuff, but this was ridiculous how pixelated the image was on the cape. Just now I log in on my Xbox and enter PSO2 proper (not NGS) and oh my god half of everything was pixelated. The unit on my character was lower quality and the weapon skin that turned weapons into a body pillow... the girl on the pillow looked lower resolution than the original Duke Nukem on the lowest graphics setting.

So is this something that will be worked on? Or will Sega just ignore it/did it on purpose to push NGS cosmetics sales?

This is largely why the N-Type cosmetic scratches were a thing once the graphics update released. You get the new graphics engine but it only further highlights the age of all the cosmetics so you have to buy the remastered cosmetics because it's otherwise so much to go through. Personally, I wouldn't have minded if the original starting costumes were free but now that New Genesis is available this is much less of an issue because everyone can access N-Type bodies and fashion using the free options or go back to the old-type cosmetics if they wish to.

The issue is that they look bag in PSO2, and some of the world textures on the ship in PSO2 look worse than with the old engine. Some old accessories like the Photon Wings look good in the new graphics up, but so many look bad. So it is puzzling why some things look good in the update and why things look worse than they did with the old graphics.

@Necromancer-V because the pixel count, the old engine had a much lower pixels so stuff there did look good there won't look good when the number of pixels raises a lot

@Jamesmor said in Item Pixelization:

@Necromancer-V because the pixel count, the old engine had a much lower pixels so stuff there did look good there won't look good when the number of pixels raises a lot

You keep telling yourself that after you see that many items have lost their overall solid textures, and have become flat PNG overlays. Even new items have no textures at all, and only have their overlays displayed.

Could all of you please do me a favor, and go into the options menu, and play around with your texture settings? Because it looked like crap when I forst logged in. After about fifteen minutes of fine tuning, it looks way better across the board.

Edit: Here, some shots I took with my 2015 model, Xbox One, not a slim or an X. Keep in mind these are cropped, and compressed due to the Xbox app.



Most of the resolution was lost due to the forced cropp and the app compressing the screenshot. But this should give you an idea of what I mean.

When I changed back to PSO2 I also noticed that the quality of some textures was complete trash. As seen here as an example. a9970e3c-e8b8-4ad3-8d7d-34eda3940697~3.png

At first I thought that the engine update messed something up with the textures of the base game, so I asked to my alliance, and they asked me if I had my settings with low res textures. So I went to check my settings and to my surprise, they added the same graphic options as NGS, but they aren't shared so Texture Resolution as at low by default. So I changed it back to high, relogged in so it takes effect, and would you look at that, it looked nicier. dc50f9e8-6a76-4f48-9c1e-1349879a885a~3.png You could also see that my character looks way better too.

So, have you checked your graphic settings on the base games? It might be that.

@Necromancer-V As an Xbox player I also noticed that the game looks horribly pixelated, and after messing arround with the settings the solution I found is to put the 3D Models at High (Standard) and use an Anti-Ailiasing (I can't remember the names but I think I chose FXAA). It made the game look much better.

My setting on PC is medium. Most things look great, it is only a few accessories and PSO2 furnature that lookl crappy. I will try setting the settings to high next chance I get to see if that helps, but that seems off that most textures look good as is, but simple things look so bad without having at max settings with the overhaul.