What are the current Premium benefits in NGS?

Anyone happen to have Premium active and can answer this? I'm wondering if I should keep my Premium tickets for later, or use them now.

Premium Benefits include:

Access to player shops

Additional regional mag buffs

Extra daily login rewards

And extra food buffs. Use 10 food ingredients to max the buff

Literally nothing that's worth it aside from shop.

Still can't freely reset skills without pass No way to recolor outfits / use the salon without a pass

Honestly premium feels like a waste of money right now.

I understand not wanting bots to gain access to selling stuff on the Marketplace.

But taking away 3 day tickets and just having selling access be locked to Premium...

It feels like this is only going to make a further mess of the economy.

Imagine players buying scratch tickets and then finding out they can't sell off the things they don't want so they can get Meseta to get the stuff they DO want.

I guess I'm gonna let my Premium expire after 15 days. The extra log-in bonuses are also quite stingy. 😞

That is not even half of what we got in base PSO2 for Premium, yet the price was only reduced for dropping the Gold Tickets. The food premium buff is only 10%, the extra mag buff is not even noticeable... These benefits aren't worth more than around %7-8 if we compare to what people typically get for these things, or comparing to base PSO2. How does anyone justify this? Don't mention base PSO2, either, because that's a dead game so THAT Premium isn't even worth $1 now (it's a bad joke kinda like people actually still paying for FF11 still.)

My thoughts on what I would love Premium Set to give me:

  • Premium food buffs lasting only 2 hours is meh. Make it 6 hours so I basically never have to worry about food. Just log on and eat, and that'll take care of it for the day 90% of the time. If I'm playing the whole day on weekends, then eat after I go to eat in real life would take care of it.
  • Extra accessory points would be great. I'm currently wearing a hat, a hair pin, pair of glasses, earrings, a waist badge, and a booster machine thingy. I'd like to add a floating cube but if I remember correctly that puts me 1 over the limit. Giving Premium players another 4-5 points would be great.
  • Resetting all gathering nodes with the daily task reset would be great. But really this should be for everybody.
  • A discount on AC/SG purchases depending on how long I've had Premium active would be a nice touch? Maybe up to an 80% discount?
  • A flat 15% chance for failed augments to return the capsules that failed, upping to 30% chance on PSO2 Days maybe?
  • A monthly lottery held per ship, rewarding 3 Premium player with 12 AC Scratch Tickets, and 20 Premium players with 1 AC Scratch Ticket each, and then 200 Premium players with an assortment of consumables and materials?

It's hard to design premium benefits while trying to make it less of a pay-to-win and also while avoiding putting in QoL improvements that should really be for all players. In writing up the above list, I keep coming up with QoL changes. It's telling how this game (and base PSO2) severely lacks UI/UX polish.

Easy solution. Premium will give 1 skill reset, material storage, one color and salon pass a week and whatever fits the belt. Currently, it's not worth it. Simple.

If they see that people buy less premium, then maybe they add more benefits? I will personally stop buying it:D

@kztm Don't ask for the moon haha XD

It's garbage. Watch them put the price of it back up when Mission Pass returns. But seeing how this game is turning out, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mission Pass ends up being a separate payment.

@HermitST Mission pass was already sort of a seperate payment, of star gems. The prior price of premium, 1500AC aka $15 is actually an industry standard sub fee for 30 days, so it wasnt exactly asking an arm and a leg while including a mission pass in it.

@AngryRhombus563 said in What are the current Premium benefits in NGS?:

@HermitST The prior price of premium, 1500AC aka $15 is actually an industry standard sub fee for 30 days, so it wasnt exactly asking an arm and a leg while including a mission pass in it.

But the difference is we are getting almost nothing for premium on NGS. Adding Mission Pass to it would actually make premium look more like a premium service, but if they jack up the price again, then that will be a joke.

Premium Set in PSO2 included the Gold Pass. I wouldn't expect otherwise in NGS.