What are the best Sword PAs?

Finally trying out Hunter in NA and not really sure what direction I should be going. I have always heard about Swords being monstrous, however I haven't found a good balance of PAs to use to feel like I am doing a lot of damage.

What are the better PAs for Sword? Are any of the other weapons something I should be investing in as well?

Current levels are: Hunter 61, Fighter 32, Ranger 75, Braver 57

I use nova strike and the other one i will let you know when i get home the name is different hard to find it both hits crowds weapon wise daisy nox and sigma sword espada but there is better swords apparently i saw some for sale on personal shops i have maxed daisy and nox I'm comparing them still to see if i should put one up for sale

hello. I am looking for a photon art that is called 'over end'. It is the best damage wise and also best looking for hunter.I seen a guy using it yesterday in an emergency quest. I would like to know where to find this at. Thanks a lot for anyone who has info on the photon art.

I use nova strike can charge it and have all all the shield stuff like perfect block heal and pp so when i charge up nova i don't get hit get healed have a certain amount of seconds works good for me constant attacking nowing sword swings takes awhile other photon art is when i get behind them or jump over there attacks and hit them or when they are stun puts a big sword 3 swings right left and straight ahead strongest photon art but idk the name got it from 75 sh <urgent quest dark fals investigation i hit for 6 to 10k per swing and depending on monsters without attack boosts

@UmemeMfalme In NA it is called Cross Cut and it is from Cradle of Darknes, the Urgent Quest, you get it from VH or SH I believe from Rare Version of the boss. You can buy it off the Player Shop too

@PennilessImp749 on Ship 2 it is relatively cheap as well, thankfully.

@PennilessImp749 thanks for the info man. I mat have seen it on very hard but didn't know that's what it was. Its hard trying to figure out what to pick up when tons of stuff is dropping lol and you dont knowbwhat exactly the PA is for.


My general Rule is:, if it is either Red Green or Pink, I pick it up.

If inventory is full, send all to storage. (which you can do in the field as you are playing)

Rince and Repeat, you can sort out everything after the Urgent Quest or Level.

Sword is currently missing it's best PA in ignite parry (name pending I assume). As for some nice core PAs:

  • Rising Edge for single target and close AoE
  • Nova Strike for general AoE
  • Sonic arrow for ranged damage/building gear
  • Guilty Break for gap closing and single target damage
  • Cross Cut for Large AoE damage
  • Blade Bash for activating the fighter skill Tech Arts Just Attack

These are good for getting used to the weapon and are all fairly simple in their utility.

I really like the Sword range closer skill. Guilty Break it is in English. You can charge it at least once and it scoots you impressively across nearly any arena.

For a shifty boss like Falz Arm it's hella nice to speed over to wherever they spawn.