i never got the sword camo and stuff for logging in on xbox?

the only thing i got was a rappy head ornament thing. where's my goddamn camos

How to receive Rewards

You can obtain Campaign Items via the “Receive Campaign Items” option on the Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks, or “Receive Campaign Items” in the System Menu in NGS Blocks.

If you do not see the rewards, please log out and log back in.

Please check the in-game Receive Campaign Item Menu for the Campaign Item Expiration Dates.

Having the same problem on both xbox and microsft store versions. have logged in and relogged in on both multiple times and still nothing.

Note that this is a campaign re-run. If you logged in on the platforms before, you can not claim the rewards again. As the announcement says, they are one time only account-bound items. If this is your first time ever playing the game, you might have to log out and then log back in