Anyone Else Experiencing Issues on Xbox One?

Since the new graphical update came out, the game recognizes my A button as the B button, so I can't select menu options regularly. I also couldn't consume any items such as EXP tickets or healing items.

Around five minutes after launching PSO2, I was randomly disconnected from the server, & now I can't even launch the original game at all. I can only play New Genesis.

the A being B is probably layout from Japan used in the PS4 and no you can't launch the base PSO2 alone anymore because both games are integrated and work together and in order to access PSO2 you need to reach a certain point in NGS to unlock the block transfer

@Jamesmor I did unlock the block transfer, & now I can't transfer to the old PSO2 lobby anymore.

It's a bit after the block transfer. After you clear the first cocoon it should unlock, or at least that's when it did for me.

Been running great for me, in fact it’s the best base pso2 has ever run on Xbox. Far less lag and shorter loading times

The DOLLS are puppeteering you to the cliffs, ARKS! No fretting!