[NGS] Salon - Unable to Hide Basewear for Type 1 Bodies While in the Salon

Type 1 Bodies Refuse to toggle the basewear on and off while in the salon when using the appropriate key, making body and muscle edits basically impossible for guys. Please fix this at your earliest convenience.

I've also had this problem. it basically wont load the innerwear of the type 1 bodies, I tried with the innerwears of the scratch ticket and got the same results so I don't think the problem is with salon.

Throwing my hat in as I too have this problem. Can also confirm that previewing the Aelio Wardat [In] in the Scratch Tickets results in a blank preview screen.


Had this issue yesterday during character creation, then in salon and issue still persists... Which is a big downer since it 's the body type i used for two characters who i cant really do anything with until the issues fixed đŸ˜•

I have the same issue. I even sent support a ticket though they haven't responded it yet. unknown[1].png

Left the ticket more than 30 hours ago now, looks like this just isnt as big of an issue to them.

The same issue happened to me, I was unable to remove outfits and switch innerwear on NGS body types 1 anywhere (neither in salon nor during character creation process). I've tried with different graphics options as High didn't do a thing.

It seems to me that something is messed up with game settings because somehow I was able to remove outfit and switch to innerwear when I set graphics options to Ultra. Maybe it's worth checking out if it works for you, mates? Still I'm looking forward to appropriate fix as soon as possible. Kind regards!

Can confirm the innerwear loaded in the salon after setting my graphics to ultra, the innerwear from the Scratch Ticket seems to still be having problems.


I have tried this on different characters, tried it on base PSO2's salon, and also tried it on different platform [MS store and Epic Games.]

Is this an issue on the JP version as well?

Just for visibility, I have the same issue

Hope ya'll submitted a bug report ticket to Sega about it. I sent them one, linking to this and other discussions pertaining to this bug.

im on steam and having the same issue

Have this issue aswell.

can confirm this happened to me as well, the bug is not existed on the separate char creation app (benchmark)/ CBT though regardless of graphic setting.