How to create a character like in the picture ?

I checked everything, but I didn't find an opportunity to do so hE1r5lZFVkAIdBqa (1).jpg

i think she's wearing the balloon bosom accesory?

There is an accessory for it for hose that can get one, or they can buy sphere skin accessories and use those, which takes a lot of work.


Can you please tell us in detail how to get this accessory ?

I think that is the body type 1 (the one used for men) and is using an accessory that imitates the parts of topsxd (there are some of those).

the body type 2 that is used for female pjs cannot be configured to be exact to that one. the thorax does not have the same details as the type 1, the only skin of the body type 2 is not as detailed as those of the body type 1 in terms of muculature (has 2, with and without veins). You could do something similar using the body type 2 maybe but not the same. good luck, it will take you a long time in the salon to make it look like the photo

acc: Ballooned Bosom B?

Those were obtained in the scratch (you had to pay real money or buy them with game money in the game store that is used for other players to sell items) in the base pso2 version and their sale time was limited.

I'm not sure if they will put a scratch collection with just the old accessories, like they did with the suits and body paints.