JP PSO2 Smart Inner not available in NA

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Official Service of PSO2 has apparently begun but this is still missing, and now there is a another AC Scratch wear that is currently misleading. As its preview image appears to be using something like Smart Inner, since you see no bra. (or at least something like Smart Inner is intended to be used/shown)

alt text

As official service has begun, bumping with this to see if can get some update/attention on this... since this is a bug, especially considering these preview images seem to be using something like Smart Inner...

This is pretty egregious, yeah. It's very clear it's intended to be had for an outfit like that.

I'm voicing my support that they should add the Smart Inner into the game.

Agreed with smart inner.

I agree as well please bring this to NA

Showing my support as well. Bring it back!

I agree too! A lot of layering wear outfits in the game were made with smart inner in mind, and not having it in game would detract from the aesthetic look of certain outfits. Maybe it would be hard to keep it in the game without raising the age rating but still, I would like for this outfit to come back.

I'm in agreement as well. A lot of costumes don't get to be seen as intended right now due to this not existing. It shouldn't even be a problem as you can ever not have base wear on when using the layering wear system and no base wear in the game is ever revealing enough to cause problems! PLEASE BRING IT OVER!

Give us all content

Just saw this topic, another basewear that suffers is Frost Disciple [Ba] from the Mother's Disciples SG scratch.

There is no innerwear available on Global that doesn't show somewhere; Silicone 1, Aile Aetos, Bicolor and others all show through somewhere. Both the promotional video for the scratch and Kohri herself in story quests appear to be using an innerwear not available to players.

With the them introducing the MFDB Hoodie [In] | All Female Races 71D12DC3-A8CD-47FA-BA94-2031BB56FCD6.png and the newest scratch there should be no reason for them not to give us the smart inner in my opinion these two are very close to being the same the smart inner is just cleaner and doesn’t look like Band-Aids, unless I’m remembering it completely wrong which if I am someone please add a screenshot of the smart inner I no longer have the JP version on my PC so I cannot

Apparently they scale up to be much larger in-game ( and if so this would make them less useful than Smart Inner on several basewear that don't hide innerwear (they'd definitely make Frost Disciple look silly for instance).

But yeah conceptually if they're okay with this amount of coverage it does make the Smart Inner removal seem absurdly inconsistent, and the subsequent ruining of several basewear that don't hide innerwear is still a point of annoyance.

I still agree that they should add in Smart Inner.

@Miraglyth That bust you linked is a lot larger than that preview picture, ergo the texture scales up to match the larger size. You'll notice the crotch part is pretty much the same there.

Either way, smart inner seriously should be in. When we see things like:


the question changes from whether or not it's censorship for them to be excluded to if Sega is intentionally keeping back the skimpy inner in an effort to push people to go for potentially costly alternatives. Which, assuming that is the case is really not okay.

@Shadowth117 just to note for anyone that doesn’t know this outfit is technically a bodysuit if you put it on a character with any color skin the revealing parts are always going to be white I currently have it on a black female the rest of her body is white now I’m just pointing it out for the people that did not know that

Yes I agree the smart inner should be added

ill add a SS just to show what i mean pso20210126_143117_003.jpg pso20210126_143111_002.jpg

her wearing the Bluesy outfit pso20210126_143140_005.jpg pso20210126_143131_004.jpg

seeing that i have never seen anyone share or link to an image of the smart inner, here is one PSO2 JP Smart Inner i have posted a link to them instead of uploading the pics, i hope that people seeing these will maybe help, they cover what needs to be covered imo