Steam Rappy Pack

Hi, I purchased the Rappy pack on steam and went into the game and then went to system > campaign items but there is nothing to claim on either of the tabs. I tried contacting support but every time i press the support button it logs me out

If this is your first purchase on steam, it can take up to 24 hours.

If steam logs you out on the contact us screen, you'll be forced to use the Xbox/Microsoft button.

I'm guessing its bugged then as i purchased it on steam yesterday 😞

I was able to grab the items from the Visiphone on regular PSO2, but I can't find the items anywhere after that on either side.

As a side note, this should be in the Technical Issues probably.

Edit: They finally showed up in my "PSO2 inventory" section of the storage in NGS

I tryed everything here and hat another folks were saying,It's still not here for me after a full 24 hours 😞