PSO2 Outfits to NGS Bug?

Hey so I noticed that some of my outfits transfer over to NGS but others don't? I can use my Morgana outfit from the Persona collab but not the Teddy one. I was just wondering if this is a bug or if only certain outfits can be used in NGS.

You didnt lock the teddy outfit, right?

@Patchouli-Chan said in PSO2 Outfits to NGS Bug?:

You didnt lock the teddy outfit, right?

That doesn't matter. All of my outfits are locked and I can still equip them.

I saw another thread, where someone was saying they had a full body outfit on and it changed their body type to the male one, when they took it off, it changed them back to their regular female body. When trying to equip the item again (without the salon) it errored because it wouldn't change the body type to do it, but they could put it back on in the salon.

First of all make sure you aren't wearing them. I was missing that when I logged in NGS because of that, and after I put them in the personal inventory in pso2 (same with weap and armor) when I logged in NGS they were there. Another thing is that some outfit (mostly from SG/FUN) need to have clicked on it twice to be available in NGS. Meaning you had to have 2 copies of the same outfit/piece and to click on it on both to be available. That was documented a while ago.