Clouds. Wtf?

So I love the game. Fixed the graphics, A+. But what in the hell is up with these clouds in game. They look horrendous.

Ultra low precision dithered crap. Like a lot of other effects in NGS.( Like grass and transparencies. Unlike old pso2 where they were not dithered). Just look at the LOD transitions, they are hyper aggressively dithered crap as well. Would it kill them to future proof their game by including a higher quality option for these? Likely high end gpus can render the higher quality just fine.

Actually I find the game to be badly optimized. My machine's an i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz, 32GB DDR4 running with a 2070 Super. Gamedata itself is on a M2 970 EVO. And with that specs I still get FPS dips running on the second highest quality setting and pretty damn long loading times

Go to the MAG shine at night, and just stare up at the moon. I am lv. 10 R/T main, and I volunteer my time as PSO2:NGS' community copper, ARKS.


Could simply be bad servers and nothing to do with optimization.

The clouds actually look a ton better on the lower 2 settings. Max looks terrible because of the dithering.

And yeah the optimization is pretty bad, at one point during part of the tutorial in a scripted sequence the game was using about 80% of my overclocked 1080p. At only 60fps. Turning down settings doesn't seem to make it perform much better either. And yet the draw distances and lod distances at max for everything including shadows is still very poor. Shadows are so bad you can stand in front of a high res shadow, move the camera a little bit and it switches to a low res blob when it is less than 5 feet from your character lol.

This game needs Dlss very bad. Base pso2 could benefit a lot too as the Taa is terrible. And no dx9 anymore means I can't use 8xSgssaa. It's incredible how much worse pso2 looks without good anti aliasing.