GameGuard error NP1013

'' unexpected error occurred Error NP1013 '' Then I have seen many topics about this error and I can't recover it ... or at least I can't figure out which file is giving him contrast ... I tried to disable antivirus and nothing , netlimiter I don't own it so I can't figure out what the problem is ... if you can help me I would be grateful!

The issue is well... GameGuard. 😕

but I don't understand why they don't change it since it only causes problems

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

nothing to do at this point I have to uninstall .. I tried everything and more, ask for support NOTHING. I've been trying since yesterday but it always appears but ALWAYS `` error NP1013 '' ... but I don't understand .. I have seen many topics on the internet that complain about this GameGuard at this point there are 3 things that must do : '' remove it completely '' or '' try to update it '' or '' change it to another more efficient one '' I'm very sorry because I really like the game a lot.

Do you have AVAST? If so, that was your problem all along. Avast cannot be installed whatsoever on your computer or it will kill GameGuard. There is no workaround except to uninstall it completely

I don't have AVAST, I have only the windows antivirus

Still got this problem too, tried absolutely EVERYTHING peoples said on forum. NOTHING worked.

Reinstalled game multiple time Tried with the game on Microsoft store. Tried with Steam. Deleted Avast. Deleted GameGuard. Removed all things that was plugged in my PC except Keyboard and Mouse Everything is closed ( No other games or launcher, overlay, overclock etc..)

It most Gameguard fault and not SEGA. GG has been around for years, I can't believe they still have problem with that in 2021...

if you are using windows defender keep in mind there's a possibility of him blocking GameGuard so is better to put to ignore GameGuard and PSO2 directory just to be sure.

if you are using any other anti-virus than Windows Defender than add GameGuard into the ignore list, most of error 1013 is caused by anti-virus or a app that blocks anything that considers a threat and because GameGuard requires Kernel access to run many will consider it a threat.

already tried to put the gameguard on ignore but nothing ... I have seen guides on how to do it .. I closed all programs to try but always nothing this error persists.