Can we stop making the characters so unrealisticaly tall and massive?

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@Chantro Terrible lore, it enables this gimmik mindset that "Tall = better and stronger", I dont care about how it is done, stop supporting height discrimination.

So. Outside of forum posters and players, can you provide evidence that this is happening currently in game as well by the Sega team?

Cause, it seems like the only thing you are hung up on now is that I used the word gimmick for a simple explanation, and you have yet to provide solutions to better the lore, just wanting other to bend to your needs while making obscure arbitrary request. Seems like you're starting to be going the path of those who first mocked you. And honestly not a good path to walk down.

it has its good and bad parts for me. Maybe you are seeing discrimination where there is none, this is the first post about it and for me I do not see the sense (I can not understand you).

I agree that there is such a wide variety, as the context allows (in this case it is the future, genetics and other strange things like dragons that go to the past and create new species and other crazy things).

I would like them to be able to create small ones (apart from a gnome I also wanted to create a medabots) pjs and large ones (at least of those they can be created, hopefully in the future they still can).

The (1) tall character there was, did not make it through the tutorial (apparently dead).

There are big people, if they did not allow to create tall characters that would be discrimination towards them (of my friends, 3 are tall, measuring 199, 187 and another among those 2, the largest woman I have seen I think she was like 180 but most of them are like 170) there are also small people (man and woman smaller than I have met are about 150).

I do not keep track of how many tall and small characters the game had, if I know that the last game (pso2) had a variety of heights.

Personally, I don't see light-looking characters fit into the context of the game, in which they face powerful enemies? But if they say they use magic or genetic modifications or anything that gives the context that those light characters have what they need they can take on big enemies, I don't see the problem (a light character is more difficult to justify than a big one in a game of combat, if it was a house game or mlp or something like that, would it be the opposite?)

@Chantro So just because I am shorter I am less capable for combat? Thank O lord of discrimination, I appreciate your discriminating imput.

you are not in the game, your character is. the context of the game (of any game) is not realityxd (I won't comment more because I don't know if I'm being taken seriously? xd)

If the enemies of the game were real, a large person would not have a chance either, we would all be dead regardless of sizexd

@Charus [Full on rant here] By what obligation are each player beheld to have their characters then, to be anywhere near the player's actual height or body type?

Why should I, a 5'9" skinny male, make my avatar a 5'9" skinny male? If I was playing VR, I'd probably go for a similar height I'm more familiar with. But if I'm playing a game the PSO2, Skyrim, ESO, and other similar titles (in that they feature character customization), I'm just not gonna care about height.

You claim "height discrimination", but have you ever bothered asking any other player if they feel their avatar's height is comfortable to them? I suppose not.

Coincidentally, the height restrictions themselves can be contested as a form of "height discrimination". I wanna make a big boi CAST, yet I wind up feeling like he isn't that tall compared to others.

In my case, why should I bother making a character that's my height? What benefit is there? Is there any realistic benefit in the game (where having long legs can increase the distance one can potentially run with one step? [One interesting convo covers potential benefits to having a certain height, but so far nothing conclusive has been achieved other than hearsay: ]

Fundamentally, selecting height is an aesthetic and preferential choice.

In terms of PSO2 characters, I highly suggest delving into character design if you wanna find a more in-depth explanation and do a deep dive (one really basic example of why characters are designed is "how identifiable is a given character based on their silhouette?"/"who's that Pokemon?").

The fact that you can just say Garoa's name and the majority of folks here know who you are talking about and have a general idea of his appearance. Luther, Elder, Apprentice, Gemini, Persona, Xiao, and Xiera - if we did a "who's that Pokemon" but PSO2 themed, I'm sure the morjority of players would be able to tell which character is which.

In consideration of DOLLS, it is more likely that the ARKS manages to fight off most threats because of what is the individual's given specialty. Garoa is a big buff dude because in a way, he gives off a "heavy hitter" vibe in that judging by his scars that he knows how to take a hit, but his musculature hints the viewer that he may be more oriented towards melee rather than ranged.

But overall, I'll again stress that you really have to start studying (or at least do deep dive research into) character design to understand that the art team is going for. [I also highly suggest watching this video in getting started: ]

Especially in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where Koichi is shown to be really short compared to the rest of the cast of main characters (there's a whole rabbit hole to go down, in which it is merely Araki's art style where he draws Koichi short to it is how Koichi views himself in that he is the narrator of Part Four).

"So just because I am shorter I am less capable for combat?" In the Reddit link I provided earlier, the assumption is moreso held in that shorter = smaller hitbox = harder for enemies to hit. No idea where you even assumed that.

In terms of my avatar's height, I would just walk by numerous players to figure what is considered "average height". If you want to make your character match your IRL height, then that's fine. Nobody's stopping you. But pushing for others to do something similar as well is utterly absurd and whiny. Just because you wanna have a height that matches you IRL doesn't mean you have any right to demand that others should do the same when they are under no obligation to do so.

I just like having an average height. Dunno what's so attractive about height anyway - I'm more into a person's personality if I was in a romantic relationship. It's better to be with someone I can get along with over someone who is considered attractive by societal standards (though it would be a plus).