Can we stop making the characters so unrealisticaly tall and massive?

This is a massive indicator of terrible character writing, when you make the entire character's personality revolve around how tall, strong and physicaly massive he is.

in the NGS I'm not so inpressed with the characters cast and story, because It tries WAY too hard to rip-off the Jumanji movies; Huge jungles with Animals? Check. Story being not so serious and Goofy similar to Jumanji movies? Check. Characters being tall, massive and huge muscles like they took a load of steroids and have their body Tan colored like Spencer/Rock (Dwayne Johnson)? Check.

Can we stop repeating those annoying tropes already? I'm dissapointed because you are not creating anything original except for copying everything from fucking Hollywood and the extremely Shallow beauty standards that western culture has.

Literaly, I am trying to recreate myself in the game, 5'5" height male character, and guess what, my character looks like massive Midget, even compared to female characters because they try to make them look like those Hollywood tall models, because appearently people like me do not exist.

@Charus if you don't like it then just go back to pso2 after finishing the prolouge

Garoa is Modern Seagata Sanshiro. Garoa is my beastly bae.