NGS launch disaster


So while I’m still waiting to log into any ship, I’d like to post about the gross mismanagement of this launch.

First things first, PSO2 has been piggybacking off of third party launchers instead of fixing their own. For YEARS. The corner cutting finally caught up today with them, and added on to the delay that ppl had to wait thru.

Next is the lack of space for ppl coming to play it. Lots of ppl was turned away by the same lack of space issue that the PC beta had a year ago. Seeing no changes in how the situation is being handled is very disheartening.

So how bad has everyone else’s experience been so far?

all ships full but whats the point of creating a char on a ship your not going to play

well rip maybe tomorrow or when the hype gets low

I’d like to be able to log in to get the daily rewards, but alas. 😕

I can't even get past gameguard in the launcher. This feels so sloppily done.

It IS sloppily done, you should have seen how PSO2 has been ran for The whole year:

-Missing translations

-Fresh Finds disabled for 2 weeks just because the items wasn’t tagged as untradable

Dont forget the bad ms store implementation. I like the part where they delayed the release of ngs 5 times and i still cant log into the game. My friend is able to play but he says that most stuff has 30sec delay.

Why do these companies take thousands upon thousands of dollars from individual players, and then absolutely REFUSE to reinvest to upgrade the server capacity?

I want to play a fresh character, but I'm penalized now because I had multiple characters in PSO2 due to weeklies so now I'm unable to do so. Things like this just corrode my trust and respect for developers, why not just give me a character slot. This had to have been foreseen

I managed to log in.... Server seems to be a bit taxed at the moment though, because server response times are a bit off.

I also want to add that wile I was lucky to get into game and logon, the game is dogging really hard due to server being completely FUBAR ATM, and lag is very noticeable

Well if they take the servers down again there will only be more of an outcry.

I mean this was to be expected though.

lel what a shit show of a launch, all this while asking player to pay $90 for hover dash motion.

@Melforne said in NGS launch disaster:

lel what a shit show of a launch, all this while asking player to pay $90 for hover dash motion.

This happend with every launch of an online game. Everyone and their cousin even remotely interested in the game, takes time off work to play it, so shit gets crowded.

Game devs don't get server space to hold everyone, they have server space for what they expect should be a normal day on the server when it's calm. This isn't a normal day.

@NIC I mean, unless they're blind they should've already know that it's not one of those normal day. I remember the time where we have more than 50 blocks and even that couldn't hold all the player during microsoft's launch so I don't really know what they're expecting.

and server problem aside the game installation is still quite flawed, I don't see people having hard time doing it on JP but on Global side people are literally pulling their hair just to install the darn game on their computer.