Ship 2 full

I can’t get into ship 2 at all. It is full?!! 😭 Can’t even see how to get into base pso2 😭

All of the ships are full. Surprisingly even ship 4.

Ya I expect ship 5 and 6 to open up honestly.

I doubt it, Sega will mostly pat themselves on the back for filling all the blocks than make room for ppl eager to play... 😞

Glad to see they learned absolutely nothing from the stress test or the NA launch last year. Guess I'll wait patiently to play my character that's trapped on a full server.

@Zeke said in Ship 2 full:

Ya I expect ship 5 and 6 to open up honestly.

Probably best to repeat the trick last year of adding more blocks first.

Will be full until the hype start to fade. If you can't wait, just join other Ships sadly 😞

Ship 4 is already at "normal" capacity πŸ˜“


All except ship 2 is at normal capacity.

Ugh, I regret being on ship 2 now. I made it to level 13/10 Techer/Force yesterday. I really don't want to begin all over. (Not to mention being unable to access anything from my ship 2 storage.)