After all of this Now I can't even participate.

Now that the game is "FULL" what do people do that cannot play the game anymore.?

I guess we miss out on daily event stuff because of Sega’s mismanagement of servers. 😕

Same story as last year, completely underestimating the number of players.

You know what happens with that? People lose interest. Kind of a bad business model to operate a free2play game and then yeet interest off a cliff by not having the capacity.

Sarcasm mode is enabled. Please understand. SEGA is a small indie studio, for which the world is divided into two parts. Japan and the audience they care about and the rest of the world. The logic is simple. If this server capacity is enough for Japan, then the same number will definitely be enough for the rest of the world. Sarcasm mode is off.

JP pso2 has more servers than global which means the same amount would be perfectly fine for now.

I can only imagine that JP ships only have 10 blocks a ship. XD

Literaly, what a massive slap in the face, all because SEGA does not use their brains when managing their maintenaces and servers.

NGS JP you can't even login with VPN according to those wanting to stay on JP. Basically Sega is saying go play Global if you want NGS lol.

We they live in the gated community of Twitter, were anything we say doesn’t reach them unless it’s a like. >:/

Holy shit, still full, will those stream massive PSO2 youtuber fanboys get their ass off the servers and let other players play the game normaly?

Guess i'll just spend money and time elsewhere since SEGA is so adamant on not fixing previous mistakes.

Exactly, I’m sure the game can run off of how much money it made over milking players for a year at turbo speed. XD

I really wanted to consider paying money to the game to get premium feature stuff, but after this massive dump of a joke with ships being full, well sorry, they missed their opportunity then, I'm not gonna pay a cent into PSO2 NGS untill SEGA proves otherwise they are not a massive joke when it comes to handling their server issues and maintenances.

Watch it be something like there was no room for freemium users, like the thought of that is seething... >:/

I thought the whole point of using Azure servers was that they could scale them and add more blocks as needed? Why are we even having this issue?