pso2.exe is detected as trojan

When I tried to launch the game out of sudden my anti virus closed the pso2 and quarantined the pso2.exe

alt text

What is happening? Why does this pso2.exe has very risky behavior that wasn't there when it was on classic?

Are you playing it via MS store or Steam?

Likely because of GameGuard. That program is a rootkit. It's safe, but many firewalls believe otherwise.

Yep 99% chance it's because of gameguard since that thing is pretty much really a rootkit. It still shocks me they didn't take this time to implement real cheat protection. GameGuard's never done anything but punish legit players more than anything else. Even in it's hayday when way more stuff used it 10 years ago it never stopped the RMT people

The antivirus did nothing wrong, the anti cheat used in this software is in fact a rootkit and does questionable things for the sake of protecting the game from Cheaters. Also, Copy pasting it from discord, for people who use Steam client

D:\Program Files\Steam\steamclient64.dll D:\Program Files\Steam\tier0_s64.dll D:\Program Files\Steam\vstdlib_s64.dll D:\Program Files\Steam\gameoverlayrenderer64.dll

Applications that appear above must be closed or whitelisted from touching pso2.exe. You may find instructions for some of them at this link:

If not whitelisted, it might get picked up by your AV