It was short but it was fun

Thanks for game what i can't launch anymore. *throws vulgar words at sega.

I was sooo happy that i found a game what i can launch on my old pc and BOOOOM! Gone... Shame that NA server of PSO2 was active for so short time. Not 9 years like JP version.

I still have hope that developers will start to use their brain again and will bring back old PSO2 for players with older PC's. There was really a lot of them in game but i guess Sega will never care about it.


For forum users what will comment with "just buy new pc" I have an information. There was the only one reason I was playing PSO2. It was BECAUSE I COULD LAUNCH IT ON OLD PC. If i will buy NEW hardware - for sure i will play some BETTER game than PSO2. Better hardware gives you the luxury of choosing what I want to play.

I hope that Sega will understand it in most painfull for it's wallet way that cutting off players from the game because they have older hardware, was big mistake.

And well... That will be all i guess.

To all my friends: Thanks! It was really fun!

With tears in eyes.

Ardor (Daikyu / Paris / Universe)

Sega is doing a lot for its players. No one gets left behind. That is why maintenance is still going on. They found a bug among certain users, which prevents them from launching the client.

Do not fret, my kind sir! Again: no one gets left behind!

Postscript. An Xbox is literally less than $300 now... Just saying. Are you familiar with pawn shops?

How old are we talking about because a 10 year old 2500k that is like 25 bucks used could handle ngs.

There is so many odd things with that post "Big mistake" to upgrade more to modern times, "use your brain and stay in the old, outdated format"

It's like watching some old guy be angry that we don't still use rotary phones and getting mad at companies for not making them anymore.

@Astral-Lettie Your post is ironic! 👨‍🔧 Your sentence is inconsistent.

Welp rip me cause i cant play it anymore with my 4gb ram laptop sad is all i can say i guess

Yeah, it was fun before it ended, we, people who have mediocre processors will not be able to play NGS without constantly having drops in our frames, I started this game a week ago, I was passionate, I've finally found something enjoyable to play but then this happened. I suppose it's a good thing for people who has a high-end CPU and processor, good for you guys I guess, some of us are too poor to even afford a mid-range CPU, that's all I can say, and stop hating on Dziki94, he wanted to share his point of view of having a low-range CPU, please consider people like us before criticizing him any further.

@Robo-Mason-S said in It was short but it was fun:

@Astral-Lettie Your post is ironic! 👨‍🔧 Your sentence is inconsistent.

No to both, You really should understand words before using them.

"I don't understand your post, so i disagree with it", is what you meant to say.

Sorry if that may sound rude, but so what? Just because you MIGHT not be able to run the game anymore, you're coming to the forums and letting us know? Instead of wasting your time like this find a game your rig can still handle

@Yui2387 said in It was short but it was fun:

How old are we talking about because a 10 year old 2500k that is like 25 bucks used could handle ngs.

I can confirm this. The majority of the hardware in my PC is about 10-15 years old and I was able to run the NGS beta reasonably well after I tweaked the graphics settings.

An old DX9 client option would be good (but they 100% won't do it). I can run the new client, but I hate the new visuals. Global illumination is a massive part of old PSO2's atmosphere and the update deletes it completely (while in NGS GI has almost no impact on the image while hogging lots of resources). Besides that, everything is covered in trademark Unreal Engine gloss, transparency effects are done through dithering instead of alpha blending (which is just peak laziness), antialiasing options are raw blur and you can still see jaggies and shimmering under the blur... I could go on, but screw it

Just upgrade your PC. The system specs aren't that bad you can easily buy a 500 dollar PC that can run PSO NG. Not sure why people want to keep using a computer that runs on floppy discs in 2021. Also not sure why it the developers fault for upgrading their system but you refuse to do the same so you can run modern day software like a normal person would.


And for special people who think that everyone who play PSO2 NA are located in America - YOU ARE WRONG. I'm not located in a nation where everything is cheap. Xbox at pawnshop are 900$-1000$ in my city. Are You familiar with that? Don't answer.

Big Mac in McDonald cost 15$ at my place, not 5$ like in america. I hope this comparison will open your eyes.

So... i don't know... delete your post or something.

@Dziki94 Playstation Vita (JP version) players also had to be left behind, nothing lasts forever, old harware will eventually become obsolete.

@LapisLazuli_Ruby A high end CPU is not needed, it just can't be an extremely old CPU (more than 10 years old), or anything below the Core i3 line from Intel (that is, the Celeron and Pentium series). When it comes to the lowest-end CPUs, AMD's Athlon series since 2012 are still fine for the PSO2 update.

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