Question about performance of my graphic card

Hello guys

When i want to play the game, an error pop up says that to me and i want to know if this card is enough to play this game ? thks for answering me. I'm not good in that Capture d’écran (17).png

Capture d’écran (16).png

Minimum Requirements for video cards is GeForce GTX 950 or Radeon R9 285, so I think your card doesn't meet min req.

@Runes okay so, i can't play any of the two games if i understand correcly because my installer is now NGS ... sad

That error has nothing to do with your GPU, rather it is because your CPU does not support AVX. I assume this is a laptop with a Celeron or Pentium processor, right?

that problem there is that your CPU doesn't have AVX support, if it was your GPU the game will just crash right when you start it or will run really slow and considering is a laptop upgrading it will be quite difficult.

The problem are the AVX instructions, and yes, i'm in same situation. I have a i7 860, and this first Gen of iCore don't have AVX. For this update to play PSO2 and PSO2 New Genesis need AVX and i try all for play (included use a Intel Emulator AVX for CPU with out AVX) and don't Work (nProtect don't Run the Game if the PC are in Debug Mode).

Ok, the i7 860 have ten years... but this CPU can run Cyberpunk (with AVX Fix) and new games, but now, can't play PSO2... and don't have money for a new CPU, Motherboard and Ram.

For now is a Bye bye for me a PSO2 for a month or two.

@Rufus-NK ur not alone bro

@AndrlCh yep absolutely pentium N3710