Irrelevant from me being misinformed

Basically the japanese game got NEW TYPE weapons, and kept old weapons, and NA only has the NT but without specifying the NT thing in the name.

Well, the thing is something like Psycho Wand never got a NT revision on JP though, so the overhaul to a strong 13* stat weight feels quite odd.

Like for reference, pretty sure Psycho Wand is the strongest Rod in open beta despite its 12* status. Barring maybe Form? I'm not sure what its base stats are but I know it exists on OBT.

I remember hearing someone got a Psycho Wand to drop in the CB, so it's possibly a thing.

A lot of Old Type unique weapons were made into New Type weapons despite them never getting New Type status in JP's version.

Is the helen bathina in this version?

Cant wait to see a NA PSO2 Wiki