List of changed items?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone has compiled a list of changes to items from JP.

So far I've got at least 3 I'm aware of. In some cases, very strong changes, in some cases... Like my poor rear, not so strong. I admit I make this post a little cheesed that the Whiteal Rear isn't nearly as strong as its former counterpart, but, I'm curious now with the weapons in the Astracite shop being super strong... Maybe there are more to look out for?

Psycho Wand from the Astracite shop New Version - New Type 700 TEC Requirement 1213 Base TEC

Old Version - Old Type 700 TEC Requirement 581 Base TEC

  • Going off of the Japanese Wiki, the first item to match this rod's power is the Qliphad Rod. Just around a hundred attack under a 14 star in JP

Gal Wind from the Astracite shop New Version - New Type 700 TEC Requirement 1113 Base TEC

Old Version - Old Type 440 T-Def Requirement 507 Base TEC

Back / Whiteal Wings from the 250 Title Reward New: 0 Attack 10 PP 3 all res +4% light res

Old: 20 All Attacks 20 PP 4% light res

Basically the japanese game got NEW TYPE weapons, and kept old weapons, and NA only has the NT but without specifying the NT thing in the name.

Well, the thing is something like Psycho Wand never got a NT revision on JP though, so the overhaul to a strong 13* stat weight feels quite odd.

Like for reference, pretty sure Psycho Wand is the strongest Rod in open beta despite its 12* status. Barring maybe Form? I'm not sure what its base stats are but I know it exists on OBT.

I remember hearing someone got a Psycho Wand to drop in the CB, so it's possibly a thing.

A lot of Old Type unique weapons were made into New Type weapons despite them never getting New Type status in JP's version.

Is the helen bathina in this version?

Cant wait to see a NA PSO2 Wiki