Hello CAST players, I am Montblanc, leader of the ARKS Templar, a soft roleplaying alliance dedicated to make a home exclusively for other CAST players. That's probably the only condition that might bar your entry into the alliance, if you have a CAST character you are eligible to join (even if it's not your main character). I don't care much about your level in-game, I myself am a very recent player in PSO2, I enjoy helping those who know even less, or are below me in capability, as well as enjoy learning from those who committed years of their life to a game. We also accept Lone Wolf types who may not want to burden their limited time in-game with chore-like alliance duties, but would still like to enjoy the boons of being part of one.

To put it simply, even if you do not do alliance missions, you can still earn AP simply by doing quests missions or completing orders, which in a greater sphere of members counts as a valuable AP source that in turn lets us speed up the completion of the Alliance Tree leveling (which increases the boosts it provides), improving quarters utilities/looks, or leveling the Alliance.

I have a discord server already in function, while it's primarily geared towards other stuff, it is a familiar, cozy place inhabited by kind spirits. I may consider creating a standalone server exclusively for the alliance if there's a need for it, but for the moment I'd rather just manage the one as discord servers can easily be segregated/compartimentalized for multiple purposes, therefore the prospect of managing more than one (one which is already geared towards games no less) is very unnapealing.

[This post might be edited in the future whenever there's a need for that/I prefer keeping things clean rather than endless OP clogging]

Discord server link: https://discord.gg/NyBTZNwv

My Discord ID: ᴾᵉʳᶠᵒʳᵐᵃᵍᵉ Montblanc#9516