Maintenance has been extended

It’s like PSO2: Plains of Eidolon! ;3

You just access the open world thru the main game

Alrighty, let's see what happens.

One More!

+3 Hours!

64f373b3-1877-4644-94e1-6a5d3c374de5-image.png Seems like! Yikes. Will get there, eventually.

The latest update on the JP side, says it should end in 3 hours. Taken from the JP site. update.JPG

p.s. this hits the 8 hour mark just in both guesses. 😄

I just want play the regular pso2 online.

Gosh, this is what I feared when I woke up today, It's gonna start those annoying delay "Problems". Mind you I live in Israel, so It's like 16:00 of the day right now.

What kind of hour is 25:00

There was a patch for Steam too. If you don't see it, try closing out of Steam and re-launching it.

alt text

Oh no this is not how it works. Let's just call it what it is:

Thursday, June 10. 2021 01:00 JST

We cannot be accused of releasing the game one day later, if we simply add more hours to the day.

-Sega, 2021

Wonder what timezone you folks are in. It's at 12 PM (a.k.a noon) for me.

That time usage is very very common in JP, just take any anime for example

@IfrianMMO said in Maintenance has been extended:

What kind of hour is 25:00

Sega are so determined to release it on the day they said they would so they have decided to add another hour onto the day......

So we do not get it today? Well GI got a new patch as well so more time for this.