Make CAST Hover Dash a basic option

In all honesty I don't really care if the cat that has a unique animation in base game just for them or unique parties just for them

I was just making a theoretical argument that if 1 race get special treatment people would demand that their 1 get something unique as well

@Drakaina Thing to note, Neumans aren't typical 'elves.' Think of them as more cocky humans.

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Thing to note, Neumans aren't typical 'elves.' Think of them as more cocky humans.

Newmans have officially been space elves since Online practically reversed their characteristics.

Algolian Newmans were more like Gurhalian Beasts. Nei (the first newman ever) had fewer techniques total and worse technique power than 7 of the 8 human characters with the only exception functionally being an android (now CAST) before those existed in the series. Rika was forced into a light healer role because the other three fixed party members in IV were your typical sword fighter, attacking mage and an android, but there was a reason Raja (an actually technique-capable healer) was considered the de facto best optional party member.

No Algolian newman them had any offensive techniques period. Fast forward to Online where most of them were Forces and needed levelling up several times just to hold a basic Saber, techniques was all they could do, and Episode II didn't add any (it added two humans and an android) because newmans already counted for two Force classes and making another newman Hunter or a newman Ranger was apparently unthinkable at the time.

Fast forward to Universe and newmans (along with their spiritual-power planet Neudaiz) are credited with the invention and series debut of space bow and arrows, which were essentially scuffed rifles that only got buffed into being a credible ranged weapon type when their racial connection was switched over to deumans in PSO2 (and coincidentally rethemed from "elf" to "samurai"), thereby ending newmans' short-lived association with any ranged capabilities. Universe is the only post-Algol game to associate newmans with their old signature weapon (claws) and didn't give them any bonuses with them. Both PSO2 and NGS ditched claws entirely, the first in the main series to do so, ending newmans' most longstanding association with melee capabilities too.

Oh and let's not forget the ears. They were all vertical in Algol. The horizontal-ears "look at me, I'm an elf" look didn't exist until Online, where it was all of the Force types. Universe allowed both as a setting which defaulted to horizontal, and Online 2 allows changing the angle but getting them vertical is quite tricky now. Vertical ears really only really remains an option with any mention because neither PSO2 nor NGS could let go of referencing Sue.

TLDR Newmans are space elves now and have been for some time.

@Miraglyth I'm not saying they're not elves. I'm saying that their personalities are more cocky than 'elegant.' Montague and Glustar being good examples of it. When they're not cocky, they're bratty. The only real outlier of such a thing would be theo (until he went crazy).

Fair! And sorry for being so off-topic. 20 years on I don't think it'll ever not bother me what the series did to a race that was once original.

For anyone who's not played the game when I explained it to my friend I just called him human elf demons and robots

Because that's the most easiest thing to understand instead of me calling the other 3 by the ingame name

But now I think about it I really do want each race to have their own default animations

I'm going to assume that everyone here is human and none of us run completely the same

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@Drakaina Yeah I don't disagree with that all the races getting their own animations would be nice too, but my point was that if SEGA only gave CASTS their own animation it would make logical sense, as the other races are basically just humans with either elf ears, or horns and heterochromia for their eyes. CASTS have robotic parts and like other people said, a lot of CAST legs have leg-boosters by default that should be being used more.

If the Beast Race was back I would definitely want them to be able to run on all 4's as one of their default photon dashes, but for the other races it does make sense for them to use the same animations, as they're still basically just Humans with slight alterations.

On the topic of eyes now even basic CAST eyes that simply aren't an option in the NGS char creator are being paywalled in the coming AC scratch. It might be less to obtain them sure, but it's not like that feels much better given this is the second CAST thing that should've been a basic option.

Back to the topic though hover dash is now not even available for anyone I believe, it should be just unlocked for CASTs.

@Usagi-46 TBH tho, those CAST eyes aren't even really CAST eyes. They don't look robotic in the least. Just some big dilated pupil.

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@Usagi-46 TBH tho, those CAST eyes aren't even really CAST eyes. They don't look robotic in the least. Just some big dilated pupil.

I found that out after getting them in the product shop yes, they're not even glowing like the base ones were. Disappointing. Also not a good justification for not having CAST eyes be a default option when the other races have them, but that's another topic.

Hover Dash should be a default option especially now, people that spent their $90 already did and it's removed from the game entirely currently. Add this to the salon as default.

Bumping because SEGA still hasn't responded to this, and has only added yet another $90 hover motion but now it's for glide. Lame.