Important topic that is being overlooked and derailed too much.

Let's stay entirely on this exact topic here, which means not much in the way of comments will be needed.

It is known that they are replacing male and female base models with "1" and "2" but what does this mean for pronouns in game? Will someone who chose 2 simply be called "She" ? doesn't this completely defeat the point? either return the names male and female to the models, or allow us to choose between the he or she gender pronouns as a seperate creation option.

Or it could just be written so that no pronouns are used in the first place. Or it could just use they/them in place of he/she.

Unless someone has a screenshot/video where anything relevant to this happened in the CBT, the game is ~ 9 hours from launch now, and it would be better to wait to see what SEGA did about it than discuss it now.

I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT! that would be incredibly lame and jarring. Normal people and normal society uses pronouns and thus people expect it to be used.

Of course people should be called by the pronoun they feel most comfortable with, but the fact is that more times than not it matches the gender they were born as, not that theres anything wrong when it doesn't.

Not using pronouns at all would cause the writing to feel awfully strange and half finished, and detract hugely from the storyline, definitely destroying any chance NGS has to do better with story (PSo2 never had anything approaching good writing lol, it was all ham and cheese and fun times, not a bad thing but could be better)

It's either use standard pronouns or let us choose. it's not a valid option to just leave them all out so not to be "offensive" to the paper thin egos of certain radicals within minority groups who are constantly, sadly, looking for ways to feel offended.

No offense, but every group has its own radicals, and among the non-traditional gender groups they have theirs just as the aethists have theirs, the religious have theirs, and the pizza lovers have theirs (I'm sure you've heard of the pineapple heresy riots)

It is hard to really judge at the time since launch is still a bit away. I have a feeling it will be the same as before in base PSO2.

I am assuming this is pertaining to story / plot / quests? If so, I feel it will remain the with the Basic Generic Blanket Labels; ARKs, Guardian, Cliche Title / Player's Name here type of situation as the story progresses.

Anything else outside of the basics of the game, like dealing with community or other players, there is player profile (assuming they'll keep it) and communicating with each other.

Heres an idea. Roleplay your character your way, and identify as whatever, and treat the body type system, as nothing more than a descriptive of a body type, like it was intended to be when they made the switch. You don't need a game to tell you what your character is, because it's your character.

.... the dialouge makes a lot of difference in the feel and flavor of a game. like it or not little things matter, and they can matter a lot.

Even in base PSo2 you are not only referred to as "Guardian" a female guardian will sometimes be called "She" quite often actually, and if male, "He"

This -is- important whether you choose to deny it or not. I guess only time will tell. I hope we arent dissapointed.

I personally have trouble believing that the feel, flavor, and story are going to be ruined because he/she isn't used.

@LusterMain Not completely of course, but it will detract from the satisfaction of reading dialouge and the story. It wont ruin the whole game, just like lock ons being janky and hair physics with long hair clipping didnt ruin Pso2.

its the same issue as bad grammar, or poor translation. trying to leave out all gender pronouns at the expense of an organic dialouge is a grammar problem.

Organic dialogue and proper grammar can exist without pronouns or with they/them though?

Hardly, not with the kind of narrative we had in Pso2, and I expect the NGS one wont be fundamentally different on that front.

It would sound strange in the english language to ALWAYS use "they/them" or "Guardian" rather than the shorter he/she in EVERY instance of mention, this is easily known from experience with literature and stories in general.

This may not be true in some other languages, but for english? yeah you -need- pronouns of some kind. and the only way to avoid offending some people is to give a choice at character creation, not that people wont find some way to be offended regardless.

They/them are pronouns

In Japanese they don't really need to use gendered pronouns, so maybe it's not something they considered on that side when making the change?

@LusterMain I mean gender ones and you know it. For an english translation it is needed for it to feel right in a narrative.

If people don't like it, that's what a choice of which one to use is for. for all I care they can add helicopter, it, and any other newfangled idea to the options, since its only shown to the one who chose it, why would I care? I don't have to pick something like that when I can just pick the one my character looks like in the end.

Heck we have CAST, that legit makes Helicopter be able to fit!

I mean gender ones and you know it. For an english translation it is needed for it to feel right in a narrative.

Mind proving why gendered pronouns are a requirement? Or are you just going to keep asserting this?

In the english language? maybe if you learned it more fluently and read more, you'd understand. since you don't theres no point continuing this, since you lack the basic experience to understand the arguments.

Bottom line, 99% of characters in a narrative will have a gender, and in at least 95% of those cases the gender is either male or female, and they will be reffered to as he or she depending.

This is neither wrong nor strange nor irrational. it is what people expect from a narrative and what is needed in some form to make it work.

Please stop arguing for the most absurdly stupid things and just accept that it would be best to simply give a choice if they insist on making the male/female thing vauge on creation. this is NOT difficult to understand.