Reverse the decision to have booster effect duration actively tick during logout and maintenance.

Boosters should not actively tick during logout and maintenance. The old system was fine. There's absolutely zero reason for a booster's time to continually die out when a player wants to take a break, lobby sit, etc. and there's especially no reason for a 24 hour booster to exist with this system.

Also, while on the subject, what's the point of a 24 hour booster that also actively ticks when there's a 1 hour booster that provides the exact same 10% EXP bonus? < post for those who missed this silly announcement

I think it should only go down in areas that have combat and should be paused in towns, waiting areas, and any fields without any enemies.

A better idea: Get rid of boosters and bake these stats into the freaking game itself.

The game (even into ngs) is effectively a looter-shooter style mmo. So why would defeating the big baddy at the end drop next to nothing of value unless you used fully stacked boosters? Forget to use a booster/have it run out too early - sorry you're SOL and you wasted the last half hour of your time for a bunch of vendor trash with near no chance at anything worth while actually dropping.

If they truly MUST exist then they should simply be special to holidays or exist only as low % boosts in the SG shop so they give you a better chance, but aren't make or break when it comes to getting worth while loot at all.

This sucks, and has actively hurt every game I have seen it in, what the hell are they thinking?