A fresh new alliance for PSO2 NGS. Ship 2 is where we call home and more information will follow about our home block in the future. Looking to start the new game off fresh? There are so many new things to explore and new and for many PSO2’s content came so fast and furious that burnout was a big part of ending communities.

This is where M&M comes in. As the former leader of an established alliance, I’m looking to create a new and exciting space for seasoned PSO2 vets and new players alike. This is a great time to get on board to help shape the community that you want.

I’m looking to create safe space for our members, but also a great community of players.

Currently we are looking to fill leadership roles and active members to explore, make new friends and create a great community for the brand new world we are all about to embark on.

Do you have ideas on how to keep an alliance active? Are you great with setting up games, leveling, teaching skills to other members? Then an officer position is available. A leader is only as strong as their community, and you’re help in keeping it active is key.

Are you a returning PSO2 player or new to the game and want to have a group that you can play, level, hang out with, or just discuss why fashion is the true end game? Then make M&M the most stylish and awesome community around.

Because we are currently undergoing maintenance our discord is the best place to apply. I will also accept PMs .Once the servers come up, I will start adding members that have signed up to be a part of M&M. I’m looking to fill Officer and Membership spots leading up the game’s release and will continue to recruit after maintenance ends.

M&M discord: https://discord.gg/h24vUDwhGM