dont know if i still have my charcters

i clicked reset settings on main menu after update is my original pso2 characters gone? and i how would we even get to play normal pso2 when on xbox it automatically boots up ngs?

Characters are saved server-side, so deleting local data won't erase them. Once the game goes live again, you will be able to switch between PSO2classic and NGS from the Block Changer and Ryuker Device, respectively (I also believe there is an option during character select).

@AndrlCh cool thanks i was concerened since i clicked "reset settings anad it gave no warning and booted to title screen then asked me to re-input bday and its not like we can check characters due the maintenece atm

@AndrlCh so yeah i hope your right

@Hap-ki-doh he is, I already had deleted my local files before and even formated my pc and yet my characters were still there, PSO2 doesn't work with local save files like it was in PSO so your data is stored in the servers.

@Jamesmor cool i'm on xbox and clicked on the restore setting button on the main menuof the game thats why i am/was kinda worried