Text size does not seem to change.

Assuming this works similarly to base PSO2, I've tested every text size and it does not change the UI in the main menu when I launch the game. Every size is large with little artifact dashes below the text. Does anyone else have this problem?

On Xbox you only get the option of small or large and when I picked large it did make it bigger for me at lest, and this was on a 1X and 1S

@SaviorZero82 Oh sorry I meant in the PC launcher here: a47c595d-3d72-4a76-9c23-92e91d8ce1e9-image.png I will be playing on Xbox too so that's good to know!

@Merelambasted I figured you meant pc I was just adding that it was working on Xbox ^^

@SaviorZero82 Ah, it sounded like you were talking about the option once you're into the main menu of the game, I did notice there is a normal and large feature. Just making sure because that worked, but isn't the same.

@Merelambasted those are for the HUD when playing original PSO2 and will not affect the start screen or PSO2 NGS.

For that, start up the game and change it from the Login Menu under "Window/Text Size".

@Leonkh99 Ooohh, OK thanks!